Karin and Frans van der Meer

About us

Frans van der Meer has been around horses since the age of 6. About 20 years later he bought his first horse and got introduced to western riding. After enjoying horses on a recreational basis he went to his first reining show. From this moment on reining became his passion!

It was in 1997 at a western stable when Frans met his future wife Karin……
Karin started horseback riding at the age of 7. Whenever she could, she went to a stable nearby just to spend some hours with horses. The first quarter show she went to was in Aachen. Completely fascinated by quarter horses and their ability to do all these fast maneuvers, she caught the “Reining Bug” and she hasn’t looked back since.

In 2001 Frans and Karin got married, and two years later they were the proud owners of three quarter horses of themselves and Frans was planning his first reining show. It was at this time when they got the opportunity to buy a stable with 20 stalls and an indoor arena and Westpoint Stables became their second home.
In the meantime Frans has been an international non pro rider for 8 years and has over $40.000 NRHA lifetime earnings. He has successfully shown different horses mostly trained by himself.

After being a successful non pro he decided that it was time for a change. Ready for the new challenge and excited to spend even more time with his passion, Frans decided to change his status from “Non Pro” to “Open”, starting November 1st 2012.

His experience as a non pro, combined with all he has learned from different trainers, will enable him to train horses and coach non pro’s in the best possible way.

While Frans deals with the training of horses, Karin is responsible for managing the stables.